Embrace ... Your beauty, your body, and your Life


A movement that consist of fashion and ----- throughout the year, culmination into an annual Curvy / Plus size Charity Fashion Show l that features models from diverse walks of life, who have committed themselves to make a difference in their lives by living a healthier and fuller life.  We invite you to support this movement and experience the true meaning of Embrace, a way of living your life and sharing in your victories.

Embrace supports the Obesity Project and the Heart Association in providing awareness to women, men and teenagers on heart disease, good health and fitness. Embrace will encourage women and youth of all shapes and sizes to be transformed from the inside out and to realize that there are choices. It reaches out to them and encourages them to make the right decisions, a choice for healthy living. There is a major need for a movement  like this in the Tampa Bay Area, it helps women and youth in our communities to be reached by opportunities that will inspire them and empower them to take special care of their hearts, minds and their overall physical being. These women and youth are the future and they need to feel their worth. We want to thank the sponsors, businesses and organizations that have already partnered with us in this journey and we hope that you will do the same.


Audrey Pat McGhee

Founder, EMBRACE


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