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Vendor / Exhibitor Space
Vendor / Exhibitor Space
Price: $75.00

Thank you for your interest in showcasing your products and services at Embrace 2014, which will take place on November 8th, 2014 in the fantastic University of South Florida Student Center. 200 6th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 We expect some amazing vendors / exhibitors on that day and we hope your company will chose to be one of them. We look forward to working with you in getting your products to our attendees. Display area includes: One 6-8ft. table [MORE]

Passion for Fashion Sponsorship
Price: $350.00

As a Passion for Fashion Sponsor, you'll serve as the Silver sponsor for Embrace [MORE]

Heart & Soul Sponsorship
Price: $500.00

As a Heart & Soul Sponsor, you'll serve as the Gold sponsor for Embrace [MORE]

Fit & Fabulous Sponsorship
Price: $1,000.00

As a Fit & Fabulous Sponsor, you'll serve as the Title sponsor for Embrace [MORE]

Voluptuous Chic Sponsor
Price: $100.00

As a Voluptuous Chic Sponsor, you'll serve as the Bronze sponsor for Embrace [MORE]

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